About Us

Since 1996, Frey Water Systems, Inc. has serviced Residential and Commercial customers with all well and city water treatment needs. Led and managed by Ricoel Rosario, Frey Water Systems, Inc. brings forth over 25 years of experience in the aqueduct industry and ensures to serve our customers in a fast and efficient manner with all treatment services, sales, maintenance, and repairs.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals. For this reason, Frey Water Systems, Inc. is a proud member of the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Florida Water Quality Association, the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), and the Water Quality Association.

We're proud of our reputation as the one water treatment specialist you can rely upon for honesty and dedication to customer service after the sale. This is why we encourage you to thoroughly research before you invest your money. Take a look at our services and those of our competitors, compare equipment and prices, and then decide.

We don't use hard-sell tactics or ads. Our satisfied customers do our advertising for us. We offer our customers a referral reward program, so if you know someone in need of a water treatment system and you know they will benefit from a wholesale price without a long-winded sales pitch, we hope you'll call us.